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Donna Anderson: Owner and CEO of Bellah Modeling Agency

Mrs. Donna “Bellah” Anderson is a native of Sumter, South Carolina. Proud Mother of two daughters, Tatianna Bracey and V'Auna Sinkler. She Graduated from Sumter High School and from the University of North Carolina with a master’s in business management and communication.

When Donna was in college, she did some Modeling. She was featured in David's Bridal Spring 2004 and 2005 she also worked with a lot of designers and did a lot of fashion shows. But her Passion wasn't to be a model but to make everyone feel like one so in 2009 Donna decided she wanted to open up here own Agency and it's called Bellah Modeling Agency Located in her home town Sumter, SC she made a major impact on the community and change tons of life's and in that year she did tons of events and fashion shows. Donna also was able to give back to the community by doing a cheer camp for that summer called Bellah Cheer Camp.

 In 2015 Donna decided she wanted to open up Bellah Modeling Agency in Columbia, SC. Now that she is a part of this community Donna will make a major impact Bellah Modeling Agency was not just for special people it was for everyone in Donna's eyes everyone is special and has a unique look about them. Bellah Modeling Agency is a School that is designed to help build confidence and empower young men and women in the modeling industry or in everyday life. Donna is passionate about creating a positive environment for her students to grow and learn the skills to pursue modeling. Donna pride herself in the best quality work and quality education for her students.

The Bellah Modeling experience is about discovering what makes you special and developing your one-of-a-kind “star” quality for the whole world to see. Donna expert modeling training, along with life-skills instruction, will give you the confidence and tools to shine for a lifetime. In 2018 

Donna Added more things to her belt she started Columbia Kids Fashion Weekend and Sumter Fashion Week that are now both Annual events and gives tones of models the opportunity to be apart of the fashion industry. She also started her own Magazine called Bellah A'ffaire Magazine. With Donna hard work and dedication, it only shows young women that the sky is the limit and you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Modeling Walking Coach: Channing Holmes  

Channing Holmes is a sensationalistic, larger than life modeling coach and makeup artist. With his eccentric and very hands on approach he brings out the best in each model. He adapts his instructions to models individual needs Channing teaches confidence, posing, posture, and body awareness; but specializes in runway walking and makeup.  

He began his career 8 years ago as a makeup artist working in the lobbies providing makeup services during pageants. It went from giving advice and tips while doing makeup to being asked by contestants and parents to do more in depth lessons. He has many pageant winners under his belt.  

He has been creative director and adviser for many fashion shows, photo shoots, and events. Channing has the natural ability to always see the best in others and finds his own way of pulling that out of everyone.

His philosophy is " There's a light in everyone. With the right stride and a little laughter, you can walk into that light... just remember to lead with your left foot

  Bellah’s Assistant:  Macie-Lynn Shafer

Macie-Lynn Shafer, who goes by “Macie”; Born July 28th in Ft. Stewart, Georgia, and currently resides in Hartsville S.C. She graduated from Gray’s Creek High School in 2016, and is currently enrolled in Coker College in Hartville, SC where she has almost finished her Bachelor Degree with Honors. Though she is pursuing an academic career, she has always been passionate about the Fashion World where she found her true calling.

Bellah’s Assistant: MicQael Roberts

Ms. MicQael Roberts, affectionately known as “Chyna"; Born January 27 in Miami, Fl., and presently resides in Columbia S.C. She graduated high school from Richland One Middle College (ROMC) High School in 2016. She enrolled and was accepted in the field of Culinary Arts at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, SC after completing the first year, she realized that cooking was not her primary passion but Fashion was in her view. She found the fashion was her true passion 

Runway Coach: Lachele "Shelly Desire' "Rodriguez

Lachele "Shelly Desire' "Rodriguez has been a working model for 5 years. Having got her start in local fashion shows and fashion events; she has elevated her modeling beyond the streets on SC to do shows all over the United States including walking during New York Fashion Week. During her time as a model she has also assisted during many walking seminars and private classes. Shelly Desire' is an alumni of Bellah Modeling Agency. As an ambassador of the agency, during her contract years, she has helped others to achieve their goals. As an instructor she strives to push models to not only reach their full potential as a model but she hopes to assist them in growing as people as well. She believes that you should always walk with poise, presence and be completely fierce on and off the runway. "Love the skin you are in and don't let anything dim your light" is a phase that she holds dearest to her heart. 

Bellah Modeling Agency


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Location: 1332 Main St. Columbia, SC 29201

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Bellah Modeling Agency

Bellah Modeling Agency has a new location. 1332 Main St. Columbia, SC 29201 . Bellah's is now apart of the Downtown area.