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Donna Anderson: Owner and CEO of Bellah Modeling Agency



Ms. Donna “Bellah”  is a native of Sumter, South Carolina. She Graduated from Sumter High School and from the University of North Carolina with a master’s in business management and communication. When Donna was in college, she did some Modeling. She was featured in David's Bridal Spring 2004 and 2005 she also worked with a lot of designers and did a lots of fashion shows. But her Passion wasn't to be a model but to make everyone feel like one. In 2009 Donna decided she wanted to open up here own Agency and called it Bellah Modeling Agency. It was Located in her hometown Sumter, SC. She made a major impact on the community and change tons of life's and in that year, she did tons of events and fashion shows. Donna also was able to give back to the community by doing a cheer camp for that summer called Bellah Cheer Camp in 2015. Donna decided she wanted to open up Bellah Modeling Agency in Columbia, SC in 2019. She then went to open up another BMA in Charlotte, NC and by the end of 2024 She will also have a location in Myrtle and Spartanburg, SC. Now that she is a part of these community, Donna will make a major impact. Bellah Modeling Agency was not just for special people it was for everyone in Donna's eyes everyone is special and has a unique look about them. Bellah Modeling Agency is a School that is designed to help build confidence and empower young men and women in the modeling industry or in everyday life. Donna is passionate about creating a positive environment for her students to grow and learn the skills to pursue modeling and acting. Donna prides herself in the best quality work and quality education for her students. The Bellah Modeling experience is about discovering what makes you special and developing your one-of-a-kind “star” quality for the whole world to see. Donna expert modeling training, along with life-skills instruction, will give you the confidence and tools to shine for a lifetime. 


Donna Added more things to her belt she started Myrtle Beach Fashion Week, Columbia Kids Fashion Weekend, Sumter Fashion Week, Spartanburg Fashion Week, and Candyland Beauty Cosmetics. The events are now Annual events and give tons of models the opportunity to be a part of the fashion industry. She also started her own Magazine called Bellah A'ffaire Magazine and she has a YouTube channel called Donna Bellah. With Donna hard work and dedication, it only shows young women that the sky's the limit, and you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


Bellah’s Assistant: Tonya Washington


Bellah’s Assistant: Tatianna Bracey 


I am a Sumter, South Carolina native that graduated from Sumter High School. I attend USC and Troy State University. I have one daughter, Tianna, a former Teen Bellah. I enjoy traveling, shopping, volunteering, teaching/tutoring, and troubleshooting various data devices.



Bellah’s Photographer: Alexis Williams


Hello, I’m Alexis Williams, and I’ve been doing fashion photography for over two years under the title @Umad_mama_photography

I’ve photographed for fashion shows, content for model's and designer’s portfolios, social media, and web pages.

I’m a mother of four children, a wife and homemaker. Currently located in Laurinburg NC.

My passion is family and photography,

I love capturing the moments, if it’s fashion, sports or family!


Runway Coach: Lachaska Salmond

  • Runway modeling 
  • Runway modeling
    Charlotte International Fashion Week, Charlotte NC — Model
    April 2017 


I understand how to provide models with runway experience. I pay attention to detail. I have an eye for design and fashion. I am able to build confidence in a photoshoot.

EXPERIENCESC Urban Fashion Week, Columbia SC — Model

July 2019

  • Runway modeling
    NYFW, New York City — Model
    February 2018


Runway Coach: Tiffany Eli McNeill

image_6483441 (38).JPG


Bellah’s Photographer: Dave Miller



Who am I? I am a son... a boy scout... a soldier... a husband... a father... a grandpa... salesman... manager... a photographer... and now retired enjoying my passion - photography. I have a lot of life experiences in and out of photography. I have respect for women... women are the main concentration of my portrait work... I am a photographic portraitist, not just a guy with a camera! I have experience doing much more. I now use professional Nikon digital cameras for my portrait and event work... I started in photography when I was 10, decades before digital cameras. I bring that experience with me in today's digital world.


And for your personal information about me this is my LinkedIn profile with my full work history of almost 50 years…

Dave Miller | LinkedIn


I am thrilled to be working with Bellah Modeling Agency

Tiffany Eli McNeill is a transformational identity coach/ Model coach. Her clients learn how to see themselves correctly in efforts to stop settling for less and completely go after everything they have ever dreamed with confidence. Tiffany is the CEO and founder of Model on the Grind LLC which is designed to help woman of all ages discover true confidence from the inside out, so they dominate every room they walk into. Tiffany uses runway to show her clients how to dominate the room with confidence. Her clients leave knowing who they are and most importantly who’s they are. Tiffany is also a runway model with over 10 yrs of experience and fashion designer of 2 successful urban clothing brands alongside her husband Lawrence McNeill. Tiffany uses fashion as a platform to promote confidence and to inspire others to go after their dreams no matter what their facing in life. Tiffany also partners with Bellah modeling agency in SC to coach runway models with walking and confidence training. Connect with her. 


Social handles @modelonthegrind


Bellah’s Actting Coach : Earlene Boyd


Hello May Name is Earlene, I go By lady E I am the founder of The Earlene Boyd Show LLC I have a talk show. Also under my belt under that I am the Host of different events and fashion shows I am a marketing promoter. I have a talk show called The Tea Talk Feel where I inspire others with a sip of tea my catch phrase called sip on that. For the foundation that's The Earlene Boyd Show LLC my catch phrase called I'm Just Doing me. I have a spin off from the tea it's a podcast called Tea Talk Feel with lady E I on their I promote small businesses and give topics of the day to lift up everyone I reach. I make my merchandise wine glasses, candles mugs with inspirational quotes on it. I'm a movie filmed director I make my own movies I did a short film for Halloween last year called Halloween chronicles. I'm now working on my book called Into The Darkness Out With The Light. Inspired by my new full movie I'm directing now called The Reflection Of The Inner Me true story about my life. I am a preschool teacher teaching is what I love doing I love kids I am 33 I don't have kids of my own yet and I'm a motivational speaker.

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